School Management Committees

The Reform Support Unit was established in the department of Education to execute the Sindh Education Reform Program (SERP). One of the major requirements of the Reform Agenda of SERP is the establishment of strong community participation through the development of School Management Committee. As it is recognized that where parents and local communities are involved in school activities student achievement improves.

The community has a positive role to play in ensuring the educational institution’s efficacy of the educational institutions of the area. It has been a proven fact now that quality of students produced by the education system in an area has been contingent to some extent with the community participation and accountability mechanism. However, this participation has been waning in the recent past. In order to revive the interest of community, Government of Sindh has revived the institution of School Management Committees.

All the primary schools in Sindh have by now these committees comprising of five members. 1- Chairperson - Parent. 2- General Secretary - Head Teacher. 3- Member- Elected Parent. 4- Member- Notable. 5- Member- Notable.


  1. To Understand the role of SMCs and the participation of the community in the Education provided to their children in public sectors schools.
  2. To provide complementary support to the head teachers and education sector officers in their efforts to deliver on time quality education to their children.
  3. To assist in raising and sustaining the quality of learning outcomes for students.
  4. To protect and enhance all existing school assets.
  5. To monitor the classroom performance and attendance of teachers.
  6. To increase and sustain school enrollment and reduce dropouts as much as possible.


Under the umbrella of RSU the component of SMC is endeavoring to mobilize the community through activation of SMCs. In the year 2009-10 the components achieved the D.L.I target i.e activation of 60 % SMCs. The fundsto the tune of Rs.855 Million are release to 32,086 SMCs of the public sector schools at the following rates.

  1. Primary School=Rs 22,000
  2. Middle  School =Rs.50,000
  3. Secondary and Higher Secondary School= Rs.100,000


In the current financial year the target of activation of 70% SMCs have been set for which Rs.1.3 Billion have been allocated by Government of Sindh. this during financial year 2009-10; 2500 SMCs are mobilized in eight pilot districts by involving NGOs and 25000 more SMCs will be activated through NGOs in the next financial year.