SETTP - CIDA focuses on improving the ability of teachers' colleges to deliver their programs effectively and on building the capacities of district education managers. Primary and middle school teacher training programs will benefit from instruction on improved teaching practices and the physical repair and upgrade of training facilities. SETTP - CIDA is deepening its involvement in teacher training and professional development, especially continuous professional development.

In this way, the project contributes to improving the quality of basic education and to strengthening the poor's access to education, giving equal attention to the needs of girls and boys. The project's development include;
  • Staff development of Education & Literacy Department, Government of Sindh, District Officers of Education and Teaching Faculties of Teacher Training Institutions in Sindh.
  • Supporting and Improvement of Teacher Training Programme through development and production of teaching resources, mobile in-service teaching units, resource kits and stipends/ scholarships to pre-service teacher education candidates.
  • Revitalization of Teacher Education and Training Institutions by improving the physical facilities, furniture & fixture, equipment, teaching resources, technical services, library facilities, modifications of hostels, residential facilities etc.
  • Providing Technical Assistance to all the elementary colleges and Teacher training institutions of Sindh by providing technical material/resources and technical training for its utilization.
  • Establishing an infra structure with synchronized working of Project Management Unit (PMU), at Karachi to implement the activities of the project

The overall goal of the Project is to improve the quality and delivery of basic education in Pakistan , especially for the female population, and to increase access to education by disadvantaged groups. The purpose of the Project is to improve the quality of primary education for boys and girls in Pakistan through a focus on improvements to educational systems, particularly in selected districts in Sindh.At the impact level, key results will be:

  • improved gender-sensitive basic education policies and practices implemented;
  • improved basic education systems and institutions effectively delivering services; and
  • increased access to basic education by disadvantaged groups;
  • Expected outcomes of the Project are:
  • strengthened education system and institutions that enhance the quality of and equity in primary education;
  • enhanced learner-centered, gender-sensitive and girl-friendly teacher education better meeting the needs of primary students and their communities; and
  • Project Output and Outcome Results;

In order to effectively achieve the Project results at the impact, outcome as well as output levels, the Project has been divided into three components i.e. Institutional Strengthening, Teacher Education and Project Management. Specific activities, expected results, and indicators for these results within these components have been identified, assessed, refined, and finalized through stakeholder consultation so that local ownership and sustainability of results could be enhanced.

The overall goal and objectives of the project are in line with the National Education Policy (NEP). The strategies designed to achieve the project objectives also take into account the Education Sector Reforms Action Plan (2001-2004).