School Consolidation

The Government of Sindh through Sindh Education Reform Program, Education and Literacy Department through its one DLI introduced an innovative reform program to rationalize physical and human resources and to improve the overall management of schools. The reform initiative is titled as school consolidation - converting two or more schools into a single school.

School consolidation covers three types of schools: (a) adjoining schools; (b) embedded/ same premise schools; (c) schools that are within a stipulated distance of each other and one strategic school among them having the horizontal and/or vertical space for expansion to accommodate students in merged schools. In other words, through this initiative, distinct government schools operating in the same campus, or catering to the same child population in the local community are converted into a single functional school. As of December 2012, 1068 government schools have been consolidated in seven districts: 414 consolidated schools and 648 merged schools.
The Government of Sindh has approved the policy of School Consolidation in 2012. The purpose of the policy was to enhance the provision of quality education while ensuring the access to education at the same time. In the following exhibit, the policy framework is presented to contextualize the situation analysis.
World Bank and USAID is also working with SERP to strengthen the School Consolidation program.