Girls Stipend in Sindh

The Education & Literacy Department, Government of Sindh initiated distribution of Stipends since 2001-2002 under the Sindh Structural Adjustment Credit (SAAC).  The Reform Support Unit has taken this responsibility from 2005-2006 through Money Orders with followings objectives.

  • Relieve parents from financial burden of educating their children
  • Provide an incentive for girls to remain in school
  • Reduce Gender Gap in Public Schools

The Stipends are given to girl students only who are studying from class-VI to X in any Government School.  This intervention is of two types.
a. Standard Stipends Policy (SSP)
b. Differential Stipends Policy (DSP)
Reform Support Unit (RSU), under SSP distributed stipend to girl students amounting to Rs. 1,000/- per student studying in class-VI to X till 2008-09.  In academic session of 2009-10, the amount has been enhanced from Rs. 1,000/- to 2,400/- per annum throughout the Sindh.  In DSP talukas, the beneficiaries received Rs. 2,400/- from 2007-08 to  2008-09 and from 2009-10 the stipend amount has been enhanced to Rs. 3,600/- per student in those DSP talukas where the transition rate from class 5 to class 6 is low. It is revised in 2011-12 as 2500 in standard area and 3500 in 45 DSP Taulka.The rationale behind this scheme was to increase the enrollment of girl students in secondary classes in remote and unprivileged areas of Sindh. Under DSP, 30 low transition rate talukas were selected by World Bank and from 2010-11, fifteen (15) more talukas from various  districts were  taken  for DSP status ,thus, the number of DSP talukas in the academic year 2010-11 and 2011-12  were 45.

Year wise No. of Beneficiaries and Expenditure

Year No. of Schools No. of Beneficiaries Amount
2007-08 2229 259539 269,805,200
2008-09 2491 330941 363,626,800
2009-10 2752 380423 951,240,000
2010-11 2835 409376 1,083,948,000
2011-12 2865 415868 1,132,202,000