CIF- Briefing Session with District School Directorate Shaheed Benazirabad

The 5th briefing session on the Sindh Curriculum Implementation Framework (CIF) was held for the Shaheed Benazirabad Division on the 27th of August 2015. The session is a continuation of the Education & Literacy Department-Government of Sindh’s initiative to bring all key stakeholders on board for the new curriculum’s implementation. The CIF outlines an integrated system for implementation in order to ensure that key milestones in the curriculum implementation process are achieved in a timely manner as per expectations. Its key features include an implementation matrix clearly indicating responsibilities and timelines so that any future efforts for curriculum reforms follow a prescribed process. The CIF fosters a culture of continuous improvement which is why orienting key stakeholders is being considered a critical priority.

As a testament to the department’s thorough involvement, the session was yet again led by Syed Zakir Ali Shah and Dr. Fouzia Khan along with Ejaz Shah of the EU. As the honorable chief guest, Mr. Shah emphasized the need for integrity in all facets of Education delivery as it is the key to progress for our society and reflects our seriousness in delivering a fundamental right.

The briefing began with a foreword on the CIF, highlighting the 18th amendment as a key catalyst for devolution within the education department. The role of the respective education directorates is said to have increased considerably since they are now the key source of input and implementation for all future reforms. The core functions of the Directorates of School Education as part of the CIF were highlighted as:

  • Ensuring that education program and policy are being effectively carried out
  • Participating in the conduct of instruction and orientation of teachers
  • Liaising with carious organizations and community groups in matters affecting education
  • Collecting and reporting all the educational statistics of the the region/district
  • Establishing an efficient management system on facilities (equipment and instructional material) to support the curriculum implementation

Further emphasis was paid on the department’s recent initiatives for streamlining data collection as they go hand in hand with the DSEs’ role in gathering, analyzing and reporting data, which is a necessary tool for informed decision making on any future policy and reforms.

Participants were reassured that the department will ensure capacity building in all required measures to enable the DSEs’ to fulfill their roles as per expectations. This is also being seen as the first step to increased autonomy for the directorates so that they can operate more efficiently and effectively.

The briefing was followed by an interactive Q&A session where participants shared their feedback with regards to the CIF and were further reassured with comprehensive responses from the department personnel.

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